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Editörün Yorumu

"Princess Dress", one of the most popular MUUN dresses, will be the savior part of your closet in all your invitations. The model, which will highlight your shoulders, has an elegant bust. The layers under the bust will make your waist look thinner. You can enjoy this timeless model, which is made of natural fabric, every season.


- Princess collar cut

- Composition: 100% CV

- Midi length, dress length: 125 cm

- Produced on order in Istanbul

- 14-15 days to shipping



Since the model is made to order, size or model changes can be made; but returns are not accepted. During the change process, you can come to the MUUN Showroom and try the product you want to make the change; If you wish, you can inform us of the product you want to change via Whatsapp or E-mail and then you can send your product to the cargo. As a brand principle, we apply a fast and easy procedure in which we prioritize customer satisfaction in our change processes.


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