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This black, short and slightly asymmetrical skirt, which we call Shine Stars, attracts attention with its staple accessories. This skirt perfectly combines rebelliousness and elegance, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Its black color adds a touch of sophistication, while the slightly asymmetrical design adds a modern touch. The stud accessory adds uniqueness and shine to the skirt and completes it.


- Color: Black

- Composition: 100% Pleasure.

- Mini size: 55cm.

- The hem has an asymmetrical cut.

- Designed with staple accessory details.

- All accessory details are designed in silver color.

- It fits perfectly, you can take your normal size.

- It has a non-stretch fabric structure.

- It is intended to fit snugly onto the body from the hip part.

- Produced to order in Istanbul.

- Pre-Order| It will be delivered to the cargo in 8-14 business days.


Since our skirt is made to order, the size or model can be changed; But returns are not accepted.


Since our skirt is made to order, size or model changes can be made; But returns are not accepted. During the exchange process, if you wish, you can come to MUUN Showroom and try the product you want and make the exchange; If you wish, you can notify us about the product you want to change via Whatsapp SMS or E-mail, and then ship the product you have. As a brand principle, we implement a fast and easy procedure in our change processes, prioritizing customer satisfaction.
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