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MUUN'S Flawless Bouquet dress is specially designed to appear with you at your most special events this winter. Flawless Bouquet, decorated with draped details from head to toe, provides integrity with the rose details on the shoulders and the form sitting on the waist. What are you waiting for to own the Flawless Bouquet dress?


- Color: White

- Composition: 100% Modal

- Mini size: 85cm.

- Mini dress with drape detail on the skirt.

- Curved fabric detail on the collar.

- It fits perfectly, you can take your normal size.

- It has a medium weight and flexible fabric structure.

- It is intended to fit snugly onto the body from the hip part.

- Produced to order in Istanbul.

- Pre-Order | It will be delivered to the cargo in 8-14 business days.


Since our dress is made to order, the size or model can be changed; But returns are not accepted.

Since our dress is made to order, size or model changes can be made; But returns are not accepted. During the exchange process, if you wish, you can come to MUUN Showroom and try the product you want and make the exchange; If you wish, you can notify us about the product you want to change via Whatsapp SMS or E-mail, and then ship the product you have. As a brand principle, we implement a fast and easy procedure in our change processes, prioritizing customer satisfaction.
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